Release DateArticles
2010-12-10Anthology of Artistry, The Gulf Today - Panorama
2010-12-09A Study of Middle Eastern Art, Time Out Dubai
2010-11-07Eclectic Mix of Arab Art, The Gulf Today
2010-11-05Nujoom...Showcases Over 40 Artworks in The Farjam Foundation, Emarat Al Youm
2010-08-28Islamic Art Exhibition at the Farjam Foundation, Hello
2010-08-26Islamic Art Timeless Relics, Xpress
2010-08-23Faces of History, The National
2010-08-20The Beauty of Devotion, Gulf News - Weekend
2010-08-20The Ninety-Nine, Khaleej Times
2010-08-17Dubai Embraces the Story of Islamic Art in 99 Objects, Al Bayan
2010-08-17Chance to See Rare Art, The National
2010-08-03Exhibition of The Islamic Arts Story in 99 Pieces on 15 August, Al Khaleej
2010-07-30Zayed University Students Tap Farjam Foundation for Exhibition, The National
2010-07-27With Special Access, Art Comes Alive, The National
2010-07-23Young at Art, Khaleej Times
2010-05-29Summer Art Camp Set to Begin, Gulf Today
2010-04-07The Economist
2010-04-02Collage of Iran, Gulf News - Weekend
2010-03-24Iranian Expressions, The National
2010-03-19Patrons Recognised for Supporting Arts, The National
2010-02-22The Big Draw, Time Out Dubai
2010-02-05Medium of Choice, Gulf News, Weekend Review
2010-01-267Days Papery Processes
2010-01-02Farjam Foundation, A Treasure of Great Art
2010-00-00Farjam Foundation, Deluxe
2010-00-00Self-Orientalise, Iran Inside Out, Contemporary Practices
2009-11-07Rare Ancient Copies of Quran on Display, Gulf News
2009-08-20Page Impressions, Time Out Dubai
2009-08-01Word of GOD, Art of Man, Golf Today
2009-03-01Farjam Foundation opens in Dubai, The Art Newspaper
2008-10-18Middle Eastern buyers at Frieze, The Art Newspaper